Market organisers beware

Over the last 6 months I have attended a lot of markets selling my handmade goods, some months are good some months not so good that’s how markets are, a bit like retail without the over heads.

For me a good market is not always about making massive sales, while it helps it’s not everything. What makes me a return stall holder is the atmosphere and the organiser.

Case in point is that I recently attended a market two months in a row, one month great sales, next month not so great however this market I will not return to, why?? I have no idea who runs it, actually that’s a lie, by asking others I have worked it out yet this person has not bothered to speak to me at either event. They have walked by, spoken to stall holders either side yet not actually bothered to say “hey I’m the organiser thanks for joining us”. In fact said organiser this morning stood in front of me looking at their phone while I was setting up for atleast 5 mins and nothing at all.

I get it your busy running the market however a 2 second hello and introduction goes along way. We don’t need to be best buddies, I don’t need to know your life’s story yet some courtesy when you are charging for an event goes a very long way especially for recommendations and return business.

Markets are a fickle world and a lot of organisers seem to think it’s ok to take money and ignore those that they should be paying attention to yet perhaps this is why so many markets are here one day and gone the next.

So market organisers remember those who pay to turn up to your event because one day your market may not be around anymore because you have no stall holders and you will question why.


We don’t quit

Over the last few or many months since our last post we have been working hard, been at markets and creating new ranges. 
There are days where I dont feel like doing anything and just want to sloth it on the couch.  I get tired, over whelmed and question what I’m doing however I have always believed that hard work and dedication will pay off. No I can’t quit the day job no where near it, yet the dream is always there. 

Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever think about the hand you have been dealt in life? What if you did this or that when you were younger perhaps the outcome would be differ? 

I have this thought sometimes yet determining what could have been a changing point can be hard, what if you turn left instead of right? What if you said no instead of yes or vise verse? Who knows what could of happened but you know what I’m not one to dwell on the past, now this might have something to do with I can’t remember things the majority of the time or the majority of my younger years. 

What I am about is how to change the future, what can I do right now? 

So with that I’m off to change my world and see how I can make my future sparkle a little brighter. 

Handmade a hard sell

There is only one thing in the world that can keep me going, desire!

I have for a long time wanted to be successful, not crazy billionaire successful yet successful enough to be able to support myself, I’ve tried many tatics over the years none of which have been successful however I keep coming back to hand made items. 

Handmade items are the hardest to sell and it’s a balancing act, what will others like not just personal choice, what price should it be? I’m always being told my items are too cheap however an item is only worth what others are willing to pay for it and I don’t want to price myself out of sales. I understand what it takes to make an item, the thought process, cost of materials, labor however if others are not willing to pay the price for me there is no point. Yes I want to make money but you are not always guaranteed a sale.  The world of handmade. I have come to understand that while people appreciate handmade items they are sometimes looking for perfection and in handmade I do not think there is perfection. Not that an item should  fall apart however if you require perfection then perhaps handmade is not for you, see handmade items are unique, special and worth the cost.

Production line items which are mass produced are for some people while other like uniqueness knowing that no one else will have the same piece and that is what makes handmade items so special.

Next time you go to a market or shop with handmade items remember her is not a production line behind these items, yet a real person who loves what they do and outs passion into ever piece.

Markets can be soul destroying

I go to markets to sell my handmade items and you know what? They can be soul destroying.
There is nothing worse than paying a small fortune to stand around all day and have barely any sales or any traffic flow, don’t get me wrong I know I need to be out there to be seen however there is nothing worse then spending 7 hours standing around, smiling and saying hello then finishing the day with barely anything to show for it. Everyone who goes to market to sell handmade items knows what I am talking about, you have good days and you have bad days yet sometimes those bad days certainly out way the good ones.
Its tough work going around the market scene, trying to find out what is going to be a hot location for you and its also expensive! It seems the days of spending 20-40 dollars to have a market stall are gone yet besides the internet how do you get seen?
This is the dilemma I am in. I am over standing around just talking to other stall holders with the occasional customer to chat to trying to sell my wares and at times I wonder how much do people appreciate handmade goods.
Ok I get it, my items are not the everyday, draw in lots of customers products such as candles however it is a rather tiresome exercise spending at least one day on the weekend at a market.
The internet for finding markets can be hard work as well, all the normal markets are on there however how do you find the right one for you, how do you locate markets which are a bit more alternative and not so main stream?
For the new year I plan on having a plan of attack, ok my products are very new on the scene, we are talking less than 6 months and I understand that it can take time to build up a customer base and for people to see and remember who you are but in general markets can suck big time.

Starting out is scary!!!

Starting a business or any new venture is always scary, are you doing the right thing, how long will it take, how will I get noticed? Are amongst the many questions you ask yourself as well as doubting what you are doing yet these are all normal subjects that everybody asks themselves.

For me it is about passion, I know it will take time and that there is no instant success however with drive and determination I believe that anything can happen!

This blog is to keep me accountable to myself to ensure that I continue to keep the passion flowing as it can be shaky at times when nothing seems to be going right.