Market organisers beware

Over the last 6 months I have attended a lot of markets selling my handmade goods, some months are good some months not so good that’s how markets are, a bit like retail without the over heads.

For me a good market is not always about making massive sales, while it helps it’s not everything. What makes me a return stall holder is the atmosphere and the organiser.

Case in point is that I recently attended a market two months in a row, one month great sales, next month not so great however this market I will not return to, why?? I have no idea who runs it, actually that’s a lie, by asking others I have worked it out yet this person has not bothered to speak to me at either event. They have walked by, spoken to stall holders either side yet not actually bothered to say “hey I’m the organiser thanks for joining us”. In fact said organiser this morning stood in front of me looking at their phone while I was setting up for atleast 5 mins and nothing at all.

I get it your busy running the market however a 2 second hello and introduction goes along way. We don’t need to be best buddies, I don’t need to know your life’s story yet some courtesy when you are charging for an event goes a very long way especially for recommendations and return business.

Markets are a fickle world and a lot of organisers seem to think it’s ok to take money and ignore those that they should be paying attention to yet perhaps this is why so many markets are here one day and gone the next.

So market organisers remember those who pay to turn up to your event because one day your market may not be around anymore because you have no stall holders and you will question why.


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